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We know from our work with virtual banks in Hong Kong that they have already developed their differentiation strategy and innovative products. Now, for the successful applicants, the focus is on seamless execution. In order to be successful, virtual banks will need to effectively recruit the right people, put in place the necessary systems, processes and controls, and quickly plug into the local ecosystem all within the next six to nine months. Meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring cybersecurity will also be crucial. Any regulatory or cybersecurity setbacks early on could potentially have a serious negative impact not just on the organisation, but also on the reputation of the whole sector.
Virtual banks are also expected to have a competitive advantage over traditional banks with respect to costs and digital infrastructure. They are likely to enjoy cost and operating efficiencies in the KYC process, particularly through digital onboarding. Virtual banks are also not constrained by legacy systems and infrastructure that have hindered some traditional banks. However, if the execution of their strategy is below par, even virtual banks which are assumed to have a cost advantage may fail to overcome the scale advantages of traditional players.
Carrying the theme of "What it will take to win: Virtual banks", this executive luncheon roundtable is exclusively tailor-made for a small group of top managements from both virtual banks and traditional banks and is extremely good platform for you to exchange thoughts on tactical and mission critical issues in a unique environment that fosters collaboration and networking with colleagues and peers. Join us for a facilitated discussion on the following topics:

  • How to maintain and improve customer trust for mobile/e-banking services which often are perceived as less secured?
  • How to ensure seamless and smooth user experience for your mobile banking app and website?
  • Are you sure you're prepared for the ever-evolving cyber attacks at all times?
  • Is your website or mobile app designed to cater for tailored experiences for all users with different devices, browser and network condition?
  • How to ensure security without affecting customers' experience?
  • Are there ways to measure business impact from all revenue channels and at the same time monitor users experience for continuous improvement?

  • We look forward to seeing you all at the event.
    Event Details
    19 August 2019 (Monday)
    11:30am – 2:00pm
    Huashan Room, Level 5,
    Island Shangri-la Hotel,
    Pacific Place,
    Supreme Ct Road
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    Mr. Donnie Chan
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