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Fads would come and go; stock, rise and fall. Technology races on. Never shall cyber-security be totally secure while the world will never stand still.

Information Security is at the centre for most IT and security professionals, and is of increasingly growing importance to both boardroom and business executives. From cyber terrorism to viruses, from malwares to human errors, from new technologies to accidental data loss, together with the rising popularity of BYOD, everything poses threats to the security of systems and information. Organizations should stay ahead of the cyber criminals with the latest information, and prepare for a security breach. More importantly, a balance should be struck between money spent on IT security, the loss of flexibility entailed by its processes and policies, and the data protection expectations.

The 5th InfoSecurity Summit 2013, with the theme of "Meeting the IT Security Challenges of the New Computing Era", will bring together entrepreneurs, CIOs, IT directors and department heads of blue chip companies and world-leading experts to focus on the evolving threats towards cyber-security, potential problems of BYOD, latest security technologies in tandem with related management and monitoring. The light is shed in coping with cyber risk in the enterprise world. Conference topics highlight:

  • Strategy Into Action ¡X Road Maps to Secure the Enterprise
  • Security from Client to the Cloud - An Architectural Approach for the Infrastructure
  • Securing and Managing the Internet in the Age of Tablets and Clouds
  • Big Data ¡V Opportunity or Vulnerability?
  • Securely Enabling Mobility and BYOD Across the Enterprise
  • Achieving a Trusted Cloud
  • Ensuring Business Continuity
  • ¡Kand more

Regional Series

21st March 2013 (Thur)
Singapore Marriott Hotel

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26th March 2013 (Tues)
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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