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08:30 – 09:00

Registration ( Breakfast will be served )

09:00 – 09:10

Welcome Remarks

Ms. Jenny Fong
Managing Director
SingTel Hong Kong
09:10 – 09:50

Opening Keynote: 2020 ICT Predictions and the Business Impacts for CIOs

In the past century, the world has witnessed a startling amount of change—from mass industrialisation and globalisation to space flight and longer life expectancies. Experts are now predicting that our society will be witnessing a comparable amount of change within the next two decades due to the accelerating pace of advancement in the fields of IT, nanotechnology, biotechnology and robotics. This unpredictable future will test even the most successful and well-run institutions.

Noted futurist and leadership expert, Jack Uldrich, will discuss what information CIOs will need to possess in order to better understand this future, as well as outline the strategies they must employ today in order to help prepare their organisations for tomorrow’s accelerating change.

Mr. Jack Uldrich
Global Futurist and Best-Selling Author
Jump the Curve
09:50 – 10:30

Keynote One: Intelligent ICT Services. On Demand. On the Move.

Our dynamic and competitive business environment calls for successful businesses today to constantly improve their agility & productivity and to innovate constantly while lowering costs. An exciting opportunity awaits us as the technological forces of fixed, mobile and cloud converge, opening up new possibilities of achieving sustainable growth and scaling business operations while reducing costs significantly. The power of SingTel's Intelligent ICT services is now made available, On Demand and On The Move. Hear from Bill Chang, EVP, Business Group, on how SingTel is capitalising on these technology trends to unleash the power of Fixed Mobile Cloud Convergence to enable businesses to succeed in their markets.

Mr. Bill Chang
EVP, Business Group
10:30 – 11:00

Keynote Two: The Efficient, Reliable & Agile Hybrid Cloud: Extending Your Private to Public Cloud Environments

In a business world where first movers gain the advantage and IT is central to every decision, IT responsiveness and agility provide a competitive edge. Yet many IT organisations aren't quick enough on the uptake because their infrastructures are exorbitant to manage and too complex to easily adapt.

Cloud computing provides a vastly more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way for IT to meet escalating business needs: IT as a Service. VMware offer you an evolutionary and practical path to this new model, with solutions that harness the power of the cloud while ensuring security and preserving the value of your existing technology investments. VMware's tailored approach to deliver flexibility and security while protecting their existing investments, by enabling:

  • Efficiency Through Utilization and Automation
    Resource pooling and a self-managed, dynamically optimized environment dramatically increase IT performance - leveraging existing resources to avoid unnecessary infrastructure investment and technology lock-in. The result is lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Agility with Control
    Cloud computing aims to empower end-users while ensuring security and preserving IT oversight and authority. The VMware solution interweaves all three, greatly simplifying IT services provisioning and deployment while maintaining IT control, protective safeguards, and regulatory compliance. The IT organisation can thus respond more quickly and securely to evolving business needs.

  • Freedom of Choice
    IT retains the ability to support traditional systems and gains the flexibility to deploy them internally or externally, without being restricted to any single technology or vendor. Developers can build applications that are portable among hybrid, private, and public clouds within a common management and security framework.

Mr. Paul Harapin
VP, Business Development & Cloud, Asia Pacific Japan

11:00 – 11:20

Morning Networking Coffee Break

11:20 – 11:50

Keynote Three: The New Collaborative Workspace

The promise of bringing together voice, video and data communications and working across different devices has been around for a long time. Still, the issues are complex and the challenges are tough. Add to that the increasing need for mobility, we have a scenario that calls for professional solutions. With technological change moving at high speed, moving into Unified Communication (UC) is a major step. Learn about the new innovations such as UC in the Cloud and how the mobile elements can be incorporated into your overall enterprise communications strategy. More importantly, how do you ensure your solution is cost effective and secure, and has the flexibility to meet your current and future needs as your organisation grows. Learn about effective strategies to bring your enterprise level telephony solutions into the world of integrated communications.

Mr. Irving Tan
Managing Director, Asia South

11:50 – 12:50

CIO Insights Panel: Unleash the Power of Business with Fixed, Mobile and Cloud Convergence

The trinity of IT consumerisation, mobility and the Cloud are happening in the business technology landscape today, fast emerging as a core enabler of leading-edge innovation and business value delivery. Cloud computing has rapidly moved from last year's buzzword to this year's reality, which has surprised even the most skeptical CIOs. On the other hand, the accelerating trends in mobility also come in today's enterprises, as the need to leverage new kinds of data "on the move" has a remarkable impact across many industries. Most CIOs are under the pressure on enablement versus security, agility versus integration, and business versus IT in controlling technology resources with these trends evolving now.

In this panel discussion, prominent IT leaders will share their ideas on how enterprises are managing these tensions as they rethink the technology roadmaps, serve new customer bases and respond more efficiently to the demands of business in a hyper-connected online world.

Session discovery topics:

  • How to embrace the IT consumerisation by implementing a strategy designed to shift technology provisioning from corporation to employees and customers by using cloud and consumer devices
  • Integrating devices for employee productivity and collaboration
  • Preparing for the shift in technology delivery and support
  • Understanding consumer interactions
  • Analysing potential security risks

Conference Chair
Mr. Geoff McClelland
Program Director
CIO Connect Hong Kong

Executive Panelists
Mr. Sunny Lee, Executive Director – IT, Hong Kong Jockey Club
Mr. Peter Blanks, CIO Asia, Noble Group
Mr. Irving Tan, Managing Director, Asia South, Cisco
Mr. Bill Chang, EVP, Business Group, SingTel
Mr. Paul Harapin, VP, Business Development & Cloud, Asia Pacific Japan, VMware

12:50 – 14:00

CIO Networking Luncheon

Afternoon Track Session

Discussion Track 1
Enterprise Mobility

Discussion Track 2
Cloud Computing

Discussion Track 3
Disruptive Technology

14:00 – 14:30

Make Video Collaboration Ubiquitous through Polycom RealPresence Cloud

Polycom make it possible for everyone to use face-to-face video collaboration as their preferred method of communicating - easily, reliably, and securely - no matter where they are and regardless of network, carrier, protocol, application, or device.

Enterprises today could choose from Cloud-based delivery by having services hosted by service providers, or to integrate their infrastructure on premise for a managed service delivery instead.

At the heart of the RealPresence Cloud is the Polycom RealPresence Platform with the broadest support of open standards and native interoperability that enables 50% less bandwidth than other solutions and has 3.5x more resource capacity for lowest TCO and faster ROI. The platform includes universal video collaboration, video resource management, virtualization, universal access and security, and video content management.

Tony will discuss the critical components for a successful video collaboration deployment, in particular, how enterprises can get a true business-to-business video-as-a-service cloud solution without having to fully integrate and support the core infrastructure on their premises.

Mr. Tony Sandberg
Global Director,
Service Provider Marketing
Polycom Asia Pacific

Excited About Cloud? – So Are We!

Businesses around our region are excited about the Cloud; and rightly so. Cloud promises many advantages to both business and IT. But it seems that Cloud is touted as a silver bullet. Will Cloud deliver the promise? Will a single Cloud really meet all the requirements of both business and IT? What about security? Or vendor lock-in? We'll take a real-world look at how HP's services meet business and IT needs in a hybrid world. From traditional IT through private, managed private, and public clouds, HP stands as a true partner through the transformation process.

Mr. John McInerney
VP of Strategic Enterprise Services,
Asia Pacific & Japan
Hewlett-Packard Company

Enabling Enterprise Transformation with Enhanced ICT Services

You've heard about Riverbed and its undisputed worldwide leadership in the field of WAN Optimisation. Now hear about Riverbed's much enlarged portfolio of technologies and products which are giving CIO's exciting and totally new ways to transform the delivery and management of their ICT services and in so doing, improve the business outcomes that the CIO and IT department can deliver to the Enterprise.  In this session, Riverbed will review these new services and show that Cloud and IT Transformation are now available to all.

Dr. Steve Smoot
SVP, Technology

Mr. Omer Asad
Technical Director, CTO Office

Mr. Peter Elsey
Director, Service Provider Alliances

Riverbed Technology
14:30 – 15:00

Small is More: Satellite-based Mobile Solutions for Emerging Market

Have you been wondering how some organisations have successfully expanded their business beyond their comfort zones? Some have ventured into developing countries where growth opportunities are higher. The key to success lies in your ability to enjoy effective communications from headquarters to branches, especially in challenging locations where GSM network and internet connections are not easily available. Today, satellite-based mobility are made more portable and affordable. This enables many business to stay connected wherever they are. Find out how organisations from industries such as FSI, Logistics & Transportation, Hospitality, Media, and Government, have successfully expanded their businesses in emerging markets. We believe you can learn from them and excel too.

Mr. Drew Brandy
VP, Industry

Securing Your Journey To The Cloud 

The world of computing is moving to the cloud - shared infrastructure, shared systems, instant provisioning, and pay-as-you-go services. And users can enjoy anytime, anywhere access to services and their data. But are we secure within the new cloud environments? Are data assets protected as they move around in the cloud? The answer to both is yes - as long as your underlying security architecture has been designed for the cloud.

In this session, the speaker will examine security concerns along the cloud journey and provide a framework to assess and prioritise security efforts. He will then explore new technologies from VMware and Trend Micro that are already helping businesses to maintain privacy, integrity, and confidentiality in virtualized environments. Lastly, he will discuss evolving developments in the threat landscape, such as advanced persistent threats (APT) and mobile device hacking and how they relate to the private and hybrid cloud, as well as future innovations such as data-centric security that will enable companies to accelerate their cloud journey.

Mr. Richard Sheng
Regional Marketing Director, Enterprise Solutions, Asia Pacific
Trend Micro

Secure Every Device, Every Cloud, and Every Moment

Enterprise security is developed for a network that is quickly disappearing. With the disappearance of enterprise perimeters, priorities on CIO's agenda include the rise of mobile devices, the cloud, and always ‐ connected workers changing the game, and the requirement for a new security model. The speaker will share viewpoints on how a new fabric of trust over the global network will make security transparent for every user and secure for every administrator.

Mr. Calvin Ng
Country Manager, Hong Kong & Macau
Check Point Software

15:00 – 15:30

Trusted Mobility - The New Approach to Managed Mobility

Mr. Ajay Mishra
Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

Building a high performance Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure

Mr. Anshul Sadana
Senior VP, Customer Engineering
Arista Networks


Work anywhere, on any device. Powering Mobile Workstyles & Cloud Services

Mr. Victor Wong
Regional Director, Hong Kong & Taiwan
Citrix Systems, Inc.

15:30 – 16:00

Key Trends for Enterprise Mobility in 2012

Mr. Egidio Zarrella
Senior Partner, Advisory


Ms. Choo Yen-Keng
Programme Director NEA, Group Technology & Operations
Standard Chartered Bank

Mr. Olivier de Puymorin
CEO & Founder

Mr. Ajay Mishra
Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

Mr. Tony Sandberg
Global Director,
Service Provider Marketing
Polycom Asia Pacific

Navigating the Cloud

Mr. Emil Chan
Cloud Computing SIG Chairman


Mr. Wayne Moy
IT Director
DDB Group

Mr. Anshul Sadana
VP, Customer Engineering
Arista Networks

Mr. John McInerney
VP of Strategic Enterprise Services,
Asia Pacific & Japan
Hewlett-Packard Company

Mr. Richard Sheng
Regional Marketing Director, Enterprise Solutions, Asia Pacific
Trend Micro

What are the Disruptive Technology Trends in Next 5 Years and How they Impact our Business?

Mr. Leroy Yau
Partner, Advisory Services
Ernst & Young


Mr. Geofrey L. Master
Head of Business & Technology Sourcing Practice, Asia
Mayer Brown JSM

Mr. Calvin Ng
Country Manager, Hong Kong & Macau
Check Point Software

Mr. Victor Wong
Regional Director, Hong Kong & Taiwan
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Mr. Steve Smoot
SVP, Technology
Riverbed Technology

16:00 – 16:30 Afternoon Networking Coffee Break