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  The 2nd CXO Leadership Summit 2011 - Singapore

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Time Agenda
08:50 - 09:15 Registration
09:15 - 10:00 Opening Keynote:
IT Times: Innovation and the Collaborative IT Organization

The days of IT being merely a support party that just keeps the network running are over. Time changed. More than ever, many CIOs are now focusing on the overall business growth. They struggle to find the most efficient ways to enable creativity and innovation, even though IT is primarily a problem-solving business requiring creativity. It is challenging to foster a collaborative mindset within IT whilst enabling that to spread throughout the business.

This opening keynote will share practical advice and expertise on how CIOs can create a more transparent and accountable culture that builds trust and success between the IT organization and their business colleagues.

Mr. Miguel Angel Ferrer
VP & Chief Information Officer
Volvo Construction Equipment (China) Company
10:00 - 10:30 Keynote One:
The Big Data Needs a Shelter

Today's Data Centers stand at the epicenter. Along with the virtualization evolution, data centers are now playing a leading role in the powerful technological and economic trends. Cloud computing, together with processing, storage, security and software technologies that make it possible, are straining the capabilities of legacy data center networks. Just as other areas of the data center have evolved to meet the demands of an Internet-enabled world, the time has come for networks to take this significant leap forward into this "Cloud" world.

This session will outline what steps IT organizations must take now to move virtualization in the data center to the next level, driving standardization within infrastructures, improving efficiencies, increasing business value and lowering TCO.

Mr. Steve East
Global Storage Architect
Hitachi Data Systems
10:30 - 11:00 Keynote Two:
Analyzing Business As It Happens

Increasingly sophisticated business-decision models demand real-time manipulation and analysis of massive data stores. Current systems often cannot meet those requirements, creating a lag between data gathering and interpretation that limits solution value.

In this session, learn how SAP and Intel enables real-time decision making by bringing all the data in your enterprise within the reach of decision makers in seconds, not weeks or months, in an easy-to use format so your company can run smarter and perform better. Speed of data analysis is improved as business intelligence is generated in real time. This capability increases the value of business data with more sophisticated decision support than has been possible with solutions based on traditional systems.

Mr. Collin Tan, Country Manager, Intel Singapore
Mr. Noam Berda, Business Development Manager, SAP
11:00 - 11:30 Keynote Three:
Managing the Top Five Technology Risks

Managing technology risk is not pure science or pure art. It requires a multi-disciplinary approach with a sense of pragmatism and a dose of paranoia. A seismic shift in the threat landscape is taking place. Cyber attacks, data leakage and targeted espionage have increased significantly. The porosity of security defenses has exacerbated the discovery of vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks which in turn have led directly to more exploits and attacks.

Over the years, MAS has published a number of technology risk management guidelines to assist the financial industry in protecting their systems and safeguarding their digital assets. Other industries may also find these guidelines instructive and relevant to their efforts in ensuring the safety of their IT resources and strengthening their infrastructures against internal and external threats.

Mr. Tony Chew
Director - Specialist Advisor
Monetary Authority of Singapore
11:30 - 11:45 Morning Networking Coffee Break
Sponsored by Hitachi Data Systems
11:45 - 12:15 Keynote Four:
3D Security : Combining People, Policies and Enforcement for Unbeatable Protection

With threats such as Stuxnet, Wikileaks and Operation Aurora escalating and becoming more sophisticated and targeted, how do you keep your enterprise secure? To achieve the level of protection needed in the 21st century, security needs to grow from a collection of disparate technologies to an effective business process. As a CIO you have the ability to now implement a blueprint for security that goes beyond technology to ensure the highest level of integrity for your information security requirements. Learn how Check Point 3D Security redefines security as a business process combining policies, people and enforcement for stronger protection across all layers of security - including network, data, and applications.

Mr. Andrew Namboka
Enterprise Security Technologist
Check Point Software Technologies
12:15 - 13:00 CIO Insights Panel 1:
The Business Impact of Mobility, Cloud and Next-Generation Networks

In a world of high-speed networking, ubiquitous mobility and continually expanding cloud options, the IT/business landscape is shifting dramatically for public and private organizations everywhere. What are the most cost-effective ways to enable remote workers anywhere in the world? Can enterprise-class networks really be deployed with less complexity? Where does outsourcing make the most sense for your company? And how will next-generation networks help unlock greater business potential?

In this panel discussion, the industry experts will share the challenges they are facing and the strategies they are deploying to take advantage of the latest offerings in cloud, mobility and networking.

Mr. Nitin Mahajan, Co-leader, ICT Practice, Monitor Group

Executive Panelists:
Mr. Pervez Kazmi, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Global Banking, Deutsche Bank
Mr. KC Chong, Director, Asia Pacific & EMEA Regions, Honeywell IT Services, Honeywell Inc
Mr. Yap Chee Yuen, Senior VP and Head, Innovation & Technology, and Operation Services, Resorts World
Mr. Raul Paolo Miranda, CIO Advisor, Resources Global Professionals
Mr. Jason Chin, Director, IT, SMRT

13:00 - 14:00 CIO Networking Luncheon Roundtables
14:00 - 14:45 CIO Insights Panel 2:
Positioning IT as an Innovation Engine

CIOs today are at an evolutionary if not revolutionary crossroads. IT innovation is a key driver of growth in companies. In addition, functionally, IT innovation plays an increasingly critical role in promoting a better service environment for stakeholders by providing the most effective and efficient directions for customer acquisition, conversion and retention. Today's CIOs will be tomorrow's trusted advisors to stakeholders and educate them on how IT can open new opportunities that redefine the business potential. They will need new skills: business, strategy, and leadership skills in addition to their IT expertise.

This panel will examine how some of the worldˇ¦s best companies use IT as a strategic tool to drive growth by considering decision making models, sources for new ideas, ways to track results and the valued skill set for CIOs.

Mr. Andrew Milroy, Vice President, ICT, Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan

Executive Panelists:
Mr. Mark Vudrag, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Command Centers, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Mr. Michael Lee, CIO, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resort
Mr. Sandeep Khera, IT COO, Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse
Ms. Sue Bartlett, CIO Asia Pacific, DHL Supply Chain

14:45 - 15:10 Afternoon Networking Coffee Break & Showcase Visit Tour
Sponsored by Hitachi Data Systems
15:10 - 16:00 CIO Insights Panel 3:
Solving the CIO Paradox

CIOs must be agile when facing the dilemma of meeting both data growth and budgetary ultimatums. The CIO role suffers from some inherent contradictions. It requires a delicate balance of business acumen versus technology skills; innovation versus cost containment; and enterprise responsibility versus individual business unit demands -- to name just a few. These contradictions form a CIO paradox that is deeply embedded in executive expectations, staffing models and even the titles that IT leaders hold.

Join this panel discussion to get insights on the ways we can start re-thinking IT governance, re-educating CEOs on IT value and mobilizing the IT profession to ultimately resolve the CIO paradox.

Mr. Andrew Milroy, Vice President, ICT, Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan

Executive Panelists:
Mr. Peter Morgan, CIO, Agency for Integrated Care
Dr. Sampath Dhamodaran, Regional Head - Enterprise Architecture, CIMB Bank
Mr. Kuo Siong Lim, SEVP and Head, IT & EBusiness, Maybank
Mr. Gary Teo, Director (IT), SIM University
Mr. Manas Mati, Director of Media Technology Applications, Walt Disney

16:00 End of Conference
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