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Time Agenda
08.15 – 08.50 Registration
08.50 – 09.00

Opening Remarks

Mr. Daniel Lai, BBS, JP
Government Chief Information Officer
The Government of the HKSAR

09.00 – 09.30

Opening Keynote: Evolving Technology, Evolving Threat

The move to the cloud, both public and private, has provided greater efficiencies to corporations and convenience to individuals. However, while cloud services represent the globalization of business, that globalization is at increasing odds with increasing compliance requirements in numerous jurisdictions. Data required for regulatory enquiry, international litigation, and internal investigation needs are in ever disparate formats beyond conventional corporate boundaries. This presentation will discuss the challenges to data identification, and will include a case study of a Hong Kong based investigation involving cloud storage.

Mr. Richard Kershaw
Managing Director, Technology
FTI Consulting

09.30 – 10.00

Keynote One: Moving to the Cloud: Plan for failure

As we move more and more of our resources to the Cloud, are we taking the necessary steps to protect our businesses? What are some of the points at which the Cloud can fail us and how are we making sure they won't cripple our businesses? The Cloud is a powerful set of tools, as long as you understand how it could fail you and plan ahead. Walk through some of the potential pitfalls and how to safeguard your company from them.

Mr. Martin McKeay
Akamai Security Evangelist, Security Intelligence Team
Akamai Technologies

10.00 – 10.30

Keynote Two: Proactive Risk Management against Advanced Threats in the modern world

Today’s cyber attacks have evolved, and so have the defenses. Advanced, targeted attacks lead to enterprises facing more risks of compromised security, including loss of critical data, and embarrassing data leakage incidents. The rise of borderless networks within the enterprise environment increases the risks of exposure to such threats.

Join HP ESP Evangelist Gab Gennai to hear about the proactive measures enterprises can take to deal with these advanced threats of our time.

Mr. Gab Gennai
Strategic Products Evangelist – APAC
HP Enterprise Security

10.30 – 11.10

Keynote Three: Enterprise to Cloud – Security as the "Enabler"

How to provide sufficient security for cloud services? When one considers the loss of control that is inherent in the move to the cloud, questioning security readiness is entirely reasonable. It is imperative that IT organizations take the lead in providing sufficient security processes for their organizations or they risk being bypassed by the business owners, to the detriment of all. The CA security solutions on control identities, control access and control information provide a proven solution for protecting your critical IT assets within your private or public cloud service.

Mr. Vic Mankotia
Vice President, Security Sales, Asia Pacific & Japan
CA Technologies

11.10 – 11.25 Morning Networking Coffee Break
11.25 – 11.55

Keynote Four: Empower Your Enterprise with IT Security

Companies worldwide are embracing social networking, Web 2.0 applications and mobility to empower their workforce. After all, these new forms of communication and collaboration improve employee productivity and their ability to serve the customer better. With benefits come risks – we are encountering both internal and external challenges. As a result, IT Security professionals have to solve the challenge of re-building security into the network’s DNA. In this session, you can learn more about the role of IT Security to empower the organization.

Mr. Dickens Lee
Technical Manager
SonicWALL, Inc.

11.55 – 12.25

Keynote Five: Securing Your Network with Context-Aware Firewall

With the ubiquity of mobile devices and increasingly sophisticated attacks, a simple firewall is not enough. It is important to have a firewall that can protect you against real-time threats using multi-dimensional contextual information and give you granular policy control to secure your critical corporate assets.

Ms Mei Huang
Senior Product Manager of Network Security Appliances
Cisco Systems

12.25 – 13.15 Panel Discussion One: Disruptive Tech: What’s New, What’s Coming, How Will It Change Everything and Is It Secure?

Mr. Alex Skilton, Senior Manager, KPMG Information Security

Executive Panelists:
Mr. Siu Fai Leung, SVP, Security Services Asia, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Mr. Micky Lo, Head of GT IT Security - Asia Pacific, Deutsche Bank AG
Mr. SC Leung, Senior Consultant, HKCERT
Mr. SH Lim, Head of Information Security Function, Hong Kong Jockey Club
Mr. Frank Law, Chief Inspector and Head of Computer Forensics, Hong Kong Police Force
Mr. Chris Smith, Head of Security and Fraud Risk, HSBC
13.15 – 14.15 Executive Networking Luncheon Roundtable
Sponsored by Symantec (By Invitation Only)
Topic: Reducing the complexity of information risk management

Mr. Gareth Bridges
Business Manager, Security and Emerging Technologies, Greater China
Symantec Hong Kong Limited
14.15 – 15.15 Panel Discussion Two: C-Level Security Perspectives

In this panel discussion, the moderator and the panelists will share how they are maintaining data security at the area’s largest organizations. As the role of a CISO/CIO expands within these organizations; however, another valuable perspective for CISO/CIOs to learn from is why their role is that crucial to the success of a business and they will also discuss the evolving role of the CISO and their various perspectives on security’s role in business.

Session discovery topics:
  • Navigating the C-Suite landscape - enhancing your role and image by improving communication
  • Becoming business leaders - leveraging risk and technology to maximize profits and serve the business
  • The future of the CISO
Mr. Thomas Parenty, Managing Director, Parenty Consulting Limited

Executive Panelists:
Mr. Steve Tunstall, Head of Corporate Risk Management, Cathay Pacific Airways
Mr. King Lee, CIO, Growth & Operations, GE
Mr. Dale Johnstone, Security and Risk Management, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong
Mr. Vikalp Shrivastava, Information Security Head, Melco Crown Entertainment
Mr. Jerome Walter, Chief Security Officer, Asia Pacific, Natixis
Mr. Iolaire McKinnon, Director – Security Consultancy, UBS AG
15.15 – 15.45

Keynote Six: The World Runs on Crypto

The world changes rapidly, so as the crypto technology. Encryption and management technologies are fundamental to information security today. Data Security is a prime concern when organizations considering how to safeguard customers’ data to meet compliance, and how to make use of Cloud environment under a highly secured matter. This presentation will illustrate the data-centric data protection philosophy, as well as the portfolio and expertise in “crypto” are making it possible for enterprises to extend trust to the cloud, unify their compliance and data governance initiatives, and better control and unify their data protection strategies.

Mr. Ng Sheung Chi
Security Manager, Asia Pacific

15.45 – 16.15

Keynote Seven: The Riverbed Performance Platform, and What It Can Do For You

“Information Security” is vital for today’s highly-networked organization, but comes at a cost. For example, to an IT end user, it secure data, but usually slower performance; to an IT administrator it means safety, security and control, but a big impact on the network. Join this session to see how Riverbed has created a full Performance Platform to deliver outstanding results in each of these critical areas, and how this can directly help you and your business boost IT security, without killing application performance.

Mr. John Mak
Sales Engineering Manager, North Asia
Riverbed Technology Inc.

16.15 – 16.45

Keynote Eight: Key Management in Complex Enterprise Environment

Are you able to estimate the total cost of ownership for managing user keys in your complex enterprise environment? How much does it really cost? The challenges faced today by large enterprises in managing user keys affect organizations from not only in terms of risk and compliance, but also from the cost perspective.

The presentation from SSH Communications Security, the inventor of the SSH protocol, will illustrate the challenges of taking control of user keys and show how to address the security risks and meet the compliance mandates, while lowering total cost of ownership through effective key management.

Mr. Ricky Ho
Regional Director, APAC

16.45 – 16.55 Afternoon Networking Coffee Break
16.55 – 17.25 Panel Discussion Three: Reap the Benefits of Mobile Evolution While Managing Risk

Recent advancements in mobile technology have presented business leaders with unprecedented opportunities for growth, innovation and flexibility. These same innovations, however, present security officers with the challenge of balancing an increase of complex risks and user end-points, while maintaining secure mobile environments to enable the business.

During the panel discussion, certain to make security managers sit up and take notice, the moderator and the panelists will discuss this challenge and the impact that their disparate corporate environments play on the ability to leverage or necessity to control mobility within their organization and share with us what we must understand about the security risks posed by today’s mobile devices and what can be done about them. As more employees use smartphones, the threats will only grow. This session will cover the key trends in mobile devices and operating systems, the foremost threats, and how managed diversity can provide a framework for balancing security, cost containment and user preferences.

Mr. Peter Koo, Partner, Enterprise Risk Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Executive Panelists:
Mr. Michael Janich, CIO, Fleet Management
Dr. Walter S. L. Fung, Teaching Fellow, Department of Computing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Mr. Fuller Yu, VP, Resiliency and IT Risk Management, JP Morgan Chase
Mr. Lewis Tam, Head of Information Security, Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China
17.25 Closing Remarks

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