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08:30 - 09:00 Registration
09:00 – 09:30 Opening Keynote: Digital Banking Moments: Align, Integrate and Survive Your Customers

This session addresses the information and data, products and services, and delivery modes that banks must adopt to align to, integrate with, and survive their customers' increasingly digital interactions in the financial services world.

    1. What are the drivers for change in this space?
    2. What do I need to do to address the needs of the digital banking age?
    3. What new products and services will I needto support moving forward?
Terick Chiu
Executive Partner, Gartner Executive Programs, North Asia

09:30 – 10:00 Keynote 1: Innovating for the New Digital Security Era

With digital world booming rapidly, the potential social damage which could be caused by the failure of IT resources has therefore increased. It is especially important for banking and Finance industry where business information is highly confidential and sensitive. At Fujitsu, we work with customers to deliver high-tech security solutions and IT security to protect your data in the computing environment. Come join us to know the latest innovation on:

  • Biometric authentication technology for human identification
  • e-Signature Authentication Solutions
  • Mobile Data Security

Ivan Lam
Product Manager, Asia Pacific


Welson Cheng
Director of Strategy and Business Development
SolutionOne Technology

10:00 – 10:30 Keynote 2: Open Cloud Makes Business Agile

Why and how to plan a private cloud and big data analytic platform by phases with a OpenStack & Hadoop enterprise version for banking industry.

Vandia Yang
IT Solution Director, Enterprise Business Group, Hong Kong

10:30 – 11:00 Keynote 3: Boost up the Mobile Performance in the Innovation World

In the financial industry, digital engagement is moving beyond basic capabilities such as checking an account balance or transferring money. Mobile App performance, stability, and usability are critical to user experience. Failures in any of these results in Poor app rating, Lost Revenue and Customer loyalty. Therefore, balancing velocity with quality is a prerequisite to end-user retention and expansion.

Session topics:

  • Optimize the quality and the end-user experience of your mobile app throughout the application lifecycle
  • Mobile analytics and monitoring of customer experience
Keith Ng
Application Development Specialist, HP Software, HK & Macau
Hewlett Packard

11:00 – 11:15 Morning Networking Coffee Break
Sponsored by China Mobile International
11:15 – 11:45 Keynote 4: Security vs. Enablement: Mobile Data Access for Today’s Financial Services Industry

Anytime, anywhere mobile access to financial data is a required capability in today’s fast-paced financial services industry, yet security, audit and data breach concerns remain a challenge to all players within this highly data-sensitive market. To stay competitive, financial institutions require seamless mobile access to enable employees while also protecting sensitive customer data.

AirWatch by VMware invites attendees to learn about today’s mobility challenges within the finance industry and how to implement mobility initiatives throughout your organization to enable employees while also protecting sensitive data. We will also explore strategies and best practices around mobile device, application, email, content and browsing management.

Rob Hinson
Business Development, APAC
AirWatch by VMware

11:45 – 12:15 Keynote 5: Enabling Business Agility and Stability with DevOps

IT leaders from financial institutions today are experiencing increased demand for faster application development and delivery. This demand is driven by pressure from internal users who want their products to get out to the market faster, as well as consumers who want to access them easily and reliably with any of their devices.

In this session, we look at how DevOps can enable financial institutions to cope with the above demands and share how Red Hat can be your partner in this DevOps journey.

Vishal Ghariwala
Middleware Business Unit Manager
Red Hat Asia-Pacific

12:15 - 13:00 CxO Insights Panel One: Exploring the Future of FSI Innovations

During the panel discussion, the moderator and panelists will discuss with us some winning approaches in a new generation of financial services. The following topics will be covered:
  • Propositions for capturing new customer segments and serving them rapidly
  • How digitization can quickly increase revenue and enable cost reduction
  • Managing multiple channels and the cross-channel customer experience in the new digital environment
  • Organizational changes that can help break barriers and rally institutions for digital transformation
Panel Chair
Geoff McClelland, Program Director, CIO Connect HK

Executive Panelists
Alex Trott, Head, Financial Services Practice, Hong Kong, Accenture
Suk-Wah Kwok, Regional Chief Information Officer - APAC, Lockton Companies (Hong Kong)
Anna Yip, Head of Hong Kong and Macau, MasterCard International
Jim Fagan, President, Managed Services, Pacnet
13:00 - 14:00 Executive Luncheon Roundtables (By Invitation Only)
Sponsored by Blue Coat
Topic: Blue Coat Security Empowers Financial Services

Matthias Yeo
Chief Technology Officer, APAC
Blue Coat
14:00 – 14:45 CxO Insights Panel Two: Creating a 360o Customer Experience

Customers no longer limit their purchases to financial services. With the rise of mobile communications, social media, and online communities, transactions between businesses and consumers have grown far more complex. The relationship itself is up for sale, and financial institutions' fortunes are tied directly to their ability to manage those relationships to customers' satisfaction. It is essential for FSI to provide customers with a 360o Experience across channels.
  • Formulating a holistic omni-channel strategy: challenges and best practice
  • Seamlessly integrating different channels (mobile, web, social networks, physical stores…) and enhance customer experience
  • Enhancing online and mobile experience with innovative value propositions and technologies
  • Leveraging data and analytics for customer-centricity and innovation
Panel Chair
Toa Charm, Chairperson, FinTech SIG; Chairperson, BI & Big Data SIG; Vice President, Hong Kong Computer Society

Executive Panelists
Alex Trott, Head, Financial Services Practice, Hong Kong, Accenture
Varun Tandon, Head of Distribution Project, Technology & MidOffice - CDO, AXA China Region Insurance Company
Vineet Malhotra, Managing Director, Aladdin Product Group, BlackRock
David Ong, Executive Director, Head of Business Insights, UBS

14:45 – 15:15 Keynote 6: Building Security for Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC)

How do you accelerate the deployment of business-critical applications without compromising security? It's time to transform network security with the software defined data center!

Palo Alto Networks delivers a solution that combines fast provisioning of security services with next-generation security in the data center.

Come and Listen to Bisham Kishnani from Palo Alto Networks as he discusses:

  • Evolution of the software defined data centers & Next Generation Security
  • Security considerations for virtualized and cloud environments
  • Overview of Palo Alto Networks integration in SDDC and how it works
Bisham Kishnani
Consulting Engineer (APJC) – Data Center & Virtualization
Palo Alto Networks

15:15 – 15:30 Afternoon Networking Coffee Break
Sponsored by China Mobile International
15:30 - 16:15 CxO Insight Panel Three: Security Risk in 2015: Managing Security and Privacy in the Digital Age

Session discovery:
  • The Current and Upcoming Technology Trends impacting Security and Privacy
  • How securities priorities in the FSI industry are being changed by emerging security environments like mobility, cloud and social
  • Defending the enterprise from a new breed of sophisticated threats
  • Best practices and lesson learnt in managing security and privacy in the Digital Age
  • Cultivating security awareness within the organization
Panel Chair
Michael Mudd, Managing Partner, Asia Policy Partners LLC

Executive Panelists
Fuller Yu, Head of Technology Risk, Group Technology & Operations, AIA Group
Christophe Gabioud, Regional Head of Information Security, AXA Asia
Dominic Wai, Partner, Baker & McKenzie
Micky Lo, Head of Information Risk Management, APAC, BNY Mellon
Maurice Mo, Director, Regional IT Security, Prudential Corporation Asia
16:15 End of Conference
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