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Time Agenda
08.15 - 08.45 Registration, Welcome Refreshment & Showcase Demonstration
08.45 - 08.55 Opening Remarks

Officiating VIP Guest:
Mr. Daniel Lai, BBS, JP
Government Chief Information Officer
The Government of the HKSAR

08.55 - 09.25 Opening Keynote: What Do Senior Executives and Business Leaders Want from IT?

As businesses worldwide embrace economic growth, the momentum builds for enterprises to use information and technology to fuel corporate ambitions. In 2012 Gartner surveys, boards of directors, CEOs and senior business executives all seem to have fairly positive views about the role that information and technology play in their enterprises. More than half of those them see IT as a way to build competitive advantage and to innovate business models. How do CIOs prepare for the business appetite for IT? In this presentation, Gartner presents high-level views of how senior executives look at the world and demonstrates how CIOs will help meet ambitious objectives.

Mr. Terick Chiu
Executive Partner, Gartner Executive Programs, North Asia

09.25 - 09.55 Keynote One: The Changing Role of the CIO

The emerging cloud-centered IT landscape has many CIOs wondering what their roles will look like in the near future. The confluence of major forces for change - including cloud migration, outsourcing, ubiquitous computing and IT-enabled corporatestrategy - has led to this reflection and created uncertainty about the next step in the evolving IT leader role. CIOs are resilient and evolutionary forces in technology are nothing new. In fact, the role of the CIO has been in continual formation. This keynote is based on numerous data points from encounters and conversations with IT leaders and outlines the changing CIO role in an emerging IT landscape.

Mr. Mark Smith
Managing Director
Savvis Asia

09.55 - 10.25 Keynote Two: User Experience and Security in the HyperConnected World

Customers, Partners and Employees are constantly connected to the Internet and organizations need to serve, interact and collaborate with them anytime, anywhere, and through any device. Enterprises therefore are increasingly extending their IT infrastructure outside of the boundaries of their own data centers-embracing cloud computing, as well as delivering content and applications over the Internet across multiple devices. This keynote session will highlight why organizations need a solution that can address performance and security challenges which have significant impact on end-user experience and productivity.

Mr. Bruno R. Goveas
Director, Products - Asia Pacific & Japan
Akamai Technologies

10.25 - 10.55 Keynote Three: Next Generation Data Centre: Enabling Cloud Services for Optimized Productivity and Cost Efficiency

Enterprises today view Cloud Computing as a major focus for their business owing to the significant benefits it offers, foremost of which, is the development of a more responsive and cost effective business platform. With Cloud, organizations have total control and visibility of their IT environment and on-demand access to an array of trusted infrastructures and services. It allows them to share resources in one place, increases the efficiency of an organization's IT, and eliminates significant capital expenditure and IT resources for business projects up-front.

The potential benefits of moving to a Cloud Computing model are far-reaching, yet CIOs recognize the enormous tasks they face in making the move. The main challenge is in ensuring high availability of their cloud-enabled data centre platform that can bring new levels of business agility, greater cost efficiencies and high value innovation, all without compromising security, reliability or control.

In this presentation, the speaker will shed lights on the advent of managed cloud services; how it maximizes productivity while reducing cost; and industry's best practices to effectively deploy a cloud-ready data centre.

Mr. Cameron McNaught
Senior VP, Cloud and Strategic Solutions, Global Business Group
10.55 - 11.15 Morning Networking Coffee Break & Showcase Demonstration
11.15 - 11.45 Keynote Four: IT Consumerization, Mobility, Cloud? Where is your IT?

Users are once again taking computing into their own hands. Just as computing shifted from the mainframe-era to the PC-era, the world is once again poised to shift to the post-PC and cloud era. What is your IT readiness to address the new computing environment?

Let us examine this new computing trend and what your business need to consider in looking at these disruptive forces.

Mr. Victor Thu
Director, Product Marketing - End User Computing, APJ

11.45 - 12.15 Keynote Five: Customer Experience with Your Business: It Starts with the Foundation

Today's competitive landscape has become more challenging with the use of technology and the connected world we live in. A new idea, product or service can easily be replicated very quickly across the globe. How does your company overcome these challenges and yet remain profitable? By ensuring you retain customers and at the same time grow the customer base. One critical aspect which many companies are beginning to lose focus is on user experience with their businesses. And getting to the bottom of this starts with the very foundation your company runs your business on right in the data center. This session will show you an often neglected piece of the puzzle to creating that Quality of Experience (QoE) but yet is so critical it could mean whether your customer will stay with your company.

Mr. CK Lam
Enterprise Solutions Manager, APAC
Juniper Networks

12.15 - 13.00 CIO Insights Panel 1: Delivering Strategic Business Goals with Cloud Computing

CIOs are working to improve operational efficiency and performance, but what new technologies and strategies are really working for IT and business partners? In this discussion, the moderator and the panelists will address how IT is streamlining business operations through the use of cloud computing and virtualization.

Session discovery questions:

  • Where are you currently in evaluating and implementing a cloud strategy for your organization?
  • As a CIO, what are the biggest questions and concerns that enterprise cloud solutions raise for you?
  • In what area of the business do you see cloud having the biggest impact and what is your future vision for cloud computing within your organization?

Panel Chair:
Mr. Geoff McClelland, Program Director, CIO Connect Hong Kong

CIO Panelists:
Mr. Rohit Kamat, Vice President, Supply Chain and Information Solutions, Bureau Veritas Hong Kong
Ms. Linda Hui, Managing Director, F5 Networks
Mr. Jonathan Weaver, Executive Director, Enterprise Infrastructure, Morgan Stanley
Mr. Gregory Kearns, Regional Director of IT Infrastructure & Operations, Prudential Corporation Asia
13.00 - 14.00 CIO Networking Luncheon Roundtables
Sponsored by CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited
(By Invitation Only)

How to Achieve High Data Security in the Cloud?

High strategic agility and competitiveness are key success factors in today's fast-paced business environment. With high flexibility and scalability nature of cloud computing technology, it's definitely the ultimate solution for enterprises. However, enterprises should ensure their business data and applications are always secured along the path to the cloud and within the cloud environments. Factors such as connectivity, cloud computing infrastructure, data and application level protection are all that they can't miss.

Mr. Kenneth Ma
General Manager, Hong Kong Sales
CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited
14.00 - 14.45 CIO Insights Panel 2: The Strategic Implementation of Mobile Technologies: Enterprise Mobility

You can't hide from it anymore - employees are demanding mobile computing and their expectations are high. The rapid adoption rate of mobile computing requires CIOs to change how they deliver solutions to the business. It's a high-speed environment that doubles its capabilities every 18 months. CIOs must capitalize and anticipate innovative opportunities to discover new efficiencies while balancing the reality of security threats and requirements. In this session, the speaker will offer insights into managing the new era of mobile computing, mobile technology innovations and misconceptions. Learn what to avoid when deploying new mobile solutions as well as the organizational, social and platform considerations.

Session discovery questions:

  • Evolving needs of a mobile workforce
  • How mobile is changing enterprise interactions
  • Managing security and expectations

Panel Chair:
Mr. Egidio Zarrella, Clients and Innovation Partner, KPMG

CIO Panelists:
Mr. Henk ten Bos, CIO, Ageas Insurance Company (Asia)
Mr. Sunny Lee, Executive Director, IT, Hong Kong Jockey Club
Mr. Mike McCarthy, Regional Head of GIS, RBS
Mr. Sarabjit Anand, Head of Country Technology Management, Hong Kong and NEA, Standard Chartered Bank

14.45 - 15.15 Keynote Six: From Risk Management to IT Security Strategy

CIOs Cybercriminals are more sophisticated than ever, Data leakage and cyber-attack incidents happen more frequently recently. However risk management has not been the main stream strategy in IT security practices; most companies still rely on the ad-hoc solutions like firewall and anti-virus solutions. Michael will use some examples to explain the attack trends, how to identify risks across your IT infrastructure and the way to develop effective strategies that secure your business.

Mr. Michael Lai
Senior Security Sales Engineer, APAC

15.15 - 15.45 Keynote Seven: Capitalising on Big Data in your Organisation

Big Data is one of the hottest trends in IT industry circles. It is generally characterised by the large, varied and rapidly growing volume of information that often remains untapped by existing BI and data warehousing systems. Increasingly, having the capacity to process Big Data and the tools to analyse it effectively is becoming a competitive necessity. As a result, IT leaders need to rethink many aspects of how they manage and deliver information - from investment in infrastructure and analytics tools to new policies for organising and accessing data so that they can deliver more of it, and faster too, in meaningful ways.

As Big Data infrastructures are being built and Big Data analysis problems are being identified with the intent to bring new insights to everyone in the organization, few are really in position to capitalise on it now. At this session, we will discuss how you can spread the benefit of Big Data analysis to the enterprise by integrating it with your traditional information and presenting it in highly visual ways that users will understand. Big Data visualization will provide you a roadmap for how to begin, evolve and master your Big Data dilemma. Whether it's digging through activity logs, finding insight from customer histories, or putting unstructured data to use, Actuate can show you the way.

Mr. James Conway
Regional Director
Actuate Asia Pacific

15.45 - 16.15 Keynote Eight: Solving Your Critical IT Problems with Riverbed's IT Performance Platform

The IT industry today is facing many macro-level changes including Virtualization, Consolidation, Cloud and more. Enterprise IT needs to change to meet these new demands of today and tomorrow, but at the same time needs to be fast, flexible, secure and cost-effective. In this session we will explore how enterprise IT architectures are changing and see how the Riverbed IT Performance Platform can enable the success of your critical IT initiatives.

Mr. Robert Healey
Marketing Evangelist, APAC & Japan
Riverbed Technology
16.15 - 16.30 Afternoon Networking Coffee Break & Showcase Demonstration
16.30 - 17.00 Keynote Nine: A Platform Approach in Business Value Creation - Adopting the Smart Cloud & Smart Infrastructure Strategy

In the Post-PC era and in a world of mobility, social networking and cloud computing, a new framework and strategy is needed in order to turn technologies into value creation tools. The speaker will share his thoughts on the platform approach in business value creation, drawing from his experience in advising many forward thinking enterprises in the adoption of the smart cloud and smart infrastructure strategy.

Mr. P.H. Tang
Chief Technology Officer
Macroview Telecom

17.00 - 17.40 CIO Insights Panel 3: Proactive Risk Management Against Advanced Threats in the World of Cloud, Mobile Computing and Big Data

The rapid proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise coupled with the easy, anytime, anywhere availability of the cloud has created new avenues for increased collaboration and productivity for employees. Though productivity gains can be substantial, so are the potential information risks posed by employee installed consumer/prosumer cloud products.

Session discovery questions:

  • What are the IT Security Risks and Challenges posed by Mobility and the Cloud?
  • Formulating a comprehensive strategy that covers mobile, cloud, and the enterprise within a secure and compliant infrastructure that doesn't impede on the ease-of-use and access expectations of employees
  • Plan for the Future: Proactive Risk Management against Advanced Threats

Panel Chair:
Mr. Thomas Parenty, Managing Director, Parenty Consulting

CIO Panelists:
Mr. Sam Tan, VP, Information Technology, AECOM
Mr. Steve Logan, Director of Information Technology & Services, Ball Asia Pacific
Mr. Micky Lo, Head of Global Technology, IT Security, Greater China and Taiwan, Deutsche Bank AG
Mr. Ted Suen, Head of Information Technology, MTR Corporation

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